How we help you after a Car Accident?

How the Miami Car Accident Lawyer at Shmucher Law, PL can help

Some individuals believe that they can handle their own car accident case without the assistance of an attorney, and in rare cases they may be correct. However, more likely than not the hiring of an auto accident attorney can significantly help with your auto accident claim.

Here are some reasons to speak with us after your car accident in Miami or Fort Lauderdale Florida:

Insurance Companies:
Auto insurance companies will fight you on paying damages to car accident victims, sometimes even go as far as completely deny any wrongdoing because their employees are trained to do so. The car accident attorney at Shmucher Law, PL will not let you get taken advantage of by the insurance company. We will fight to make sure you will receive all of your insurance benefits and medical care that you may be entitled to.

Costs of Your Accident Claim:
The costs of a serious or even partially serious car accident, in Florida can be substantial. Often times the injured can’t work and thus can’t make enough money to pay the mortgage, pay for groceries, or even afford basic utilities. Our office can assist you in recovering all the benefits that you are entitled to.

Auto Accident Claim Value:
It has been statistically proven that individuals without an attorney obtain substantially lower settlements than those who hire an attorney. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney who can maximize your auto accident claim value.

Florida Laws:
By hiring an attorney who handles your personal injury claim you can rest assured that no court deadline will be missed and that all your rights will be protected so that you can obtain the most value for your car accident case.

If you are injured in car accident in Miami or Fort Lauderdale Florida and would like to speak to the car accident attorney at Shmucher Law, PL please contact our office at 305.741.5553 or 954.309.5559 to schedule a free consultation.

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