Miami Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Everyday thousands of Floridians grab a cab. It may be tourists enjoying the South Florida sights, cautious nightclub patrons not wanting to get a DUI, motorists with broken down vehicles or travelers heading and from the airport. As a passenger when we get into a taxi cab, we do so with the reasonable belief that the driver that we’ll make it to our destination safely. Sadly, this does not always occur and if you or someone you love has fallen victim of a taxi cab accident, contact the Miami law offices of Shmucher Law, PL

Florida is like the majority of states in that it’s a “No Fault” state. However, in Florida, taxis are not included in the “no fault” insurance coverage law. For an injured passenger, this means that you can recover money damages without showing that your injuries are permanent. Florida law also requires cab companies to carry higher insurance coverage limits. If you’re an injured passenger of a taxi cab, you may recover monetary damages to the extent of your loss including medical bills and loss of income you also may be entitled to compensation pain (emotion and physical) and suffering. The main issue with a taxi cab case is what the value of the claim is.

We’ll look into the taxi driver’s background to uncover traffic tickets or even criminal infractions. Taxi drivers have a reputation for fast and careless driving, needing to make good time.

We handle all types of taxi cab accidents including:

  • Pedestrians struck by a taxi cab.
  • Taxi drivers injured by another vehicle
  • Drivers injured in a car accident involving a taxi
  • Taxi passengers in a vehicle accident.

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